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Men brain different from women
On average, men have larger brains than women, although this does not mean that they are in any way intellectually superior, something on which scientists now largely agree. Men often have more nerve cells in the cerebral cortex than women, although the cells in the female cerebral cortex are better connected. The corpus callous-the structure that connects the two halves of the brain-may be wider in women. Although there are broad general differences, we should not forget that every brain is individual and unique.

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Windows 10 shutdown problem

Recently I faced the critical problem in my WINDOWS 10 operating system. My Dell Inspiron laptop is not properly shutting down. Two lights are showing on and i was shocked about that. I tried to put in sleep mode also but again it is not going into sleep mode. I was researched about that problem and got the good solution for it.

Please follow the below 2 Methods clearly this will help you.

 Method - I

1) Go to search and type Power Options.


2)After going to Power Options Click  "choose the what power button does" tab which is available in left side.

       3)After clicking that tab now again click "Change settings that are currently available."

Windows 10
4) After clicking that tab now u can able to Check/Uncheck the below check boxes.

5)Please uncheck the Top first box to get out of the problem. 
windows 10,shutdown,sleep

NOTE:- Mostly for some people problem might get solved by following above steps. But some people are not yet clearly solved the problem. So I am giving another Method to solve the problem.  

Method - II

1) Go to search and type "Device Manager"

2)  Now expand the "System Devices" tab.
shutdown,sleep,windows 10

3) Double click on "Intel (R) Management Engine Interface."
shut down,sleep,windows 10

4) Then click the  "Driver tab".

5) Now Clearly, check the Device Version. Version should be in version on. 
Example:-The Device Version should be in :-

6) If the version is above ie.,  either version 10 or version 11 then please download and install the Old version.

Click the below link and download older version of Intel drivers.

7)After downloading extract the zip file and install the driver.

8) After that shutdown your system and check the lights.

                                Bingo :)  Your problem is solved. :) 



                 Above a certain altitude on the sides of mountains, trees case to thrive because the climate is too extreme. The air is too cold, the winds are too strong and and in many cases there isn't enough water to sustain life. Trees are constantly losing water through their leaves by evaporation, so any interruptions in the water supply can cause them to dry out in harsh environments. In the mountains, ground water freezes more often, so it isn't always possible for the roots to deliver sufficient water to the rest of the tree. The lack of water causes pressure within the tree to fall to a point where the water column rupters and fatal air bubbles form. When temperatures are extremely low it is even possible for the water inside the tree to freeze.

             The trees most frequently seen at high altitudes on mountain sides are conifers, because hey have be better protection against excessive evaporation. The timber line-the altitude at which trees cease to grow-varies according to climate and latitude. It typically lies somewhere between 600 m (as it is in Sweden) and 4000 m (as it is in Nepal). The timber line in the Central Alps of Europe lies at about 1900 m.

       Trees cannot survive in the harsh climate found at high altitudes.
Rathnavath Ravinaik

Powerup PC Performance
Is your PC running slowly? It can't able to perform multiple tasks?
Hey readers I came up with Good Technological article to Boost up your Computer.

Nothing to worry readers just I will show the simple tricks and tips to boost up your Personal Computer without using any software's and tools.

Step 1:- Go to the Run Command in the start menu or just press the WINDOWSKEY+R on your desktop


Step 2:-Now in the type bar please type the TEMP and press OK. It will ask for continue please press continue and delete all the temporary files which are there in the window. These temporary files are normally stored in your computer, so they might be reason to slow down your computer performance.

Step 3:- Now again go to Run command type PREFETCH and press OK. Delete all the files which are available in that particular window.

Step 4:- Go to Run command and type %temp% and delete all files.

Step 5:-Here you can delete recent files by typing RECENT in your Run command and delete all files.

Step 6:- This is very efficient way to check all files in your system just by typing chkdsk in your run command. This will checks all the errors and fixes if any problem occurs.

NOTE:- You can follow above all Steps every 2days and delete all those stuff to Boost your personal computer. :)