Body Language

This is one of my method identifying ones body language .

Check weather you have the following .(1)
  • They dont sit in a chair but on the edge of it .
  • They Preen their big toe on the floor.
  • They keep turning the ring finger .
  • They encircle their fingers with hair.
  • Even though they have no itching sensation they scratch their head.
  • They don't stand or sit erect
  • They bite their nails
  • They suck their fingers , even though they are adults
  • Again and again they clear their throat.
  • They don't sit in the first row in meetings.
  • They chew the chain in the neck
  • They press their low lips under teeth
  • They bite pencils and pens .
If You have above symptoms you are a Nervous Person .

 Check weather you have the following .(2)
  • They constant move their legs 
  • They beat the table with fingers as if they were playing instruments 
  • They pretend to be listening to what is being spoken buy yawn
  • They keep doing their work even if others speaking them.
  • When they get bore they look at their watches in front of all .
  • They touch the person thy speak
  • They look serious when somebody questions them 
  • They sit in front of meetings
  • They get up suddenly and move out.
  • They use others things without permission 
  • They sit or stand erect.
If you have the following symptoms you are a confident Person .
If you have 5 from 1 and 5 from 2 you are a Normal Person .
                                                                                                            FROM R. Ravinaik

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