Funny Maths trick to amaze your friends

Funny maths trick

Hey guys am back with one of the funny mathematic trick that can amaze your friends. Make your friends Amazing by showing this Magic. it is easy to learn but try and check for alteast 2 times.


Allow your friend to write any 4 random numbers
eg; 5423

Step 2

Now you take a paper and write a number like this 25421. Close this number in a paper and give it to your friend.. at the end of the trick he will surprise seeing the result in the paper.

How to write above number, is by seeing your friend number he has written.

From Above 5423. add 2 front of 5 and subtract 2 from 3 i;e 25423-2=25421

Step 3

Again allow your friend to write 4 random numbers below the 5423 he wrote

like this   5423

Now you write a 4 digit number using this codes

If opponent write 1 you write 8 below it . if he write 2 you write 7 it means the sum must be 9.

For example if your opponent write 1234 you write 8765.

Step 5

Now allow your opponent to write other 4 random numbers they like below
like this 5423

Step 6

Now you write a 4 digit number using step 4 ;

Finally allow your friend to add all the numbers the sum will be the answer in your paper.

Example :
                             5412 - your friend write
                             4587-  you write
                             1235- your friend write
                             8764-you write
                             1524- your friend write

                    the sum is 25412-2=25410.
Please do it carefully and practise you can make your friends surprise.

Found tricky.. comment now..

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