Mole representation in Astrology

                  Mole Astrology

Are you eager to know what mole on the hand, face, legs, thigh and more then have a look at it below.According to mole astrology moles on our body shows great effect and influence in our real life. the result is show depending on the various locations on the body.

1. Mole on the right ring finger : Love marriage.
2. Mole on the Index finger of right hand : Fate ( Bad luck )
3. Mole on the Index finger of left hand : Luck .
4. Mole on the little finger : genius
Mole Astrology
5. Mole on the palm : love marriage
6. Mole on the nose : Problem with husband/Wife
7. Mole on the Right Cheek : Beautiful Wife
8. Mole on the Thumb : Success in life
9 .Mole on the Ring Fingers : Highly creative .
10.Mole on the elbow : Money from parents .
11.Mole on the thigh : Very Rich
12.Mole on the Knees : Money from Wife after marriage
13.Mole on the Neck : Life Danger
14.Mole on the center of the spinal cord : Road Accident .
15.Mole on the Feet : More Dare .
16;Mole on the Tongue : Fate saying ability
17.Mole on the Stomach : Will have a great Future
18.Mole on the Left Cheek : Two Marriages or None
19.Mole on the Under feet : Ability of changing their fate.
20.Mole on the Lips            : Girls are easily get attracted towards them.
21. Mole on the chest          : Has good communication skills
22. Mole under fourth toe of right leg : May be courageous.
23. Mole on the right eyelids  : Become rich, feels that he is great.
24. Mole on the right and left ear : have luxurious life.
25.mole on the right side of the nose : Earns huge income by working less ( or low effort )
26.mole on the Chin : receives great respects from others.
27.mole on the shoulders : Crush! will not leave until win.
28.Mole on the armpit : Love ladies ( this is for boys ).
29.Mole on the stomach : Weakness of ladies, or feel nervous to talk with them
30.Mole on Jupiter finger of right hand denotes getting film change.and the person do not listen others word.
31.Mole on Middle finger of Right Hand indicates that the person is self confidence and can do things easily.
 ##.A mole must there on both the fingers , they should lie at same distance
 this represents that the person is future teller and lie becomes True .
There are 125 Persons with that moles.
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