Is angry our enemy!

The one of the thing one should know , the famous saying " OUR ANGRY IS OUR ENEMY".

It is believe that getting angry is loosing our 24 hour life span , according to vedas it  is said that whenever you get anger you will find more unlucky that day. In other case if you get anger it is loss for you . In fact you will get bad name in society and make people to hate yourself.

Yes, Our angry is our big enemy , how ever you character is you society will behave with you in the same manner. If you hate and irritate on people for small things, in the same  manner every one irritate on you in the same way. If you are good with people they also like you same.

Before you get angry try to think , why you are getting angry and control yourself .Try to do medication for relief , don't over react for small things . 

From ;
Rathnavath ravinaik.


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