why is Stonehenge a puzzle ?

               Salisbury plain, in Wiltshire,  England is the site of one of the most
           puzzling monuments in the world,  the stone monuments or megaliths
of  Stonehenge. This circular landmark of large, standing stones is a wonder
to everyone, as Stonehenge probably dates  back as far as 3100 BC. The 
stones are arranged in concentric circles, in a pattern whose astronomical 
significance is still being explored.

  There are no written records as to why Stonehenge was built. Some say that
it was a place for dying, while others claim it was a place of healing, some
 people believe that Stonehenge was built for human sacrifice, while others
speculate that it is all about astronomy.

  One of the major mysteries of Stonehenge is how built. Stonehenge remains
one of the most impressive prehistoric monuments in the world on account of 
its architectural design.

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