Why was the Colosseum the pride of Ancient Rome ?

The Colosseum was one of the largest buildings in the Ancient Roman Empire. Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Fl avian Dynasty, started construction of the Colosseum in AD 72. It was completed in AD 80, the year after Verspasian's death. The immense building was elliptical in shape, and measured 188 meters by 156 meters, with a height of more than 48 meters. It could accommodate some 55,000 spectators who could enter the buildings through 80 entrances.

Above the ground, there were four levels, and upper level contained seating for lower classes and woman. The lowest level was reserved for prominent citizens.

Below the ground were rooms with mechanical devices, and wild animals in cages that could be pulled up.

Emperors used the Colosseum toi entertain the public with free games.
 The Colosseum was, without doubt the pride of Ancient Rome because of its awe inspiring size and sheer  magnificence.

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