Why is Death Valley unique?

Death valley in the Mojave desert is the lowest point on the continent of North America, It is 82 meters below the sea level, and the mountains surrounded it radiate heat, making it one of the hottest places on Earth in summer. The hottest temperature ever recorded was at place called Furnace Creek in death valley in 1913, when the temperature reached a scorching 134 degrees Fahrenheit! In addition, death valley is also one of the direst places in North America, for it receives less than 5 cm of rain a year.
In spite of being such a harsh and arid place, death valley is beautiful, and full of life. Here one finds spectacularly wind sculpted rocks, richly colored mud stone hills, mysterious canyons, rippling sand dunes, lish oases, and an immense mountains. On the rare occasions that it rains, wild flowers burst into bloom, amid more than a thousand varieties of plants. The steep mountain slopes are the home of desert bighorn sheep which forage among Joshua trees, scrubby junipers, and pines, while hawks soar above. When night falls, the desert comes alive with bobcats, kit foxes, and rodents. Beautiful and forbidding, vast, yet teeming with life-this is death valley, one of the most fascinating places on Earth.

Goodbye Death Valley,
Death valley got its name during the California gold rush in 1849. A wagon train headed for California got lost in the desert. The people in the wagon train suffered great hardship, and when they finally found their way out, someone is  supposed to have looked back in relief and said’ Goodbye Death valley’, giving the valley its morbid name.

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