Why is Easter island astonishing ?

Easter Island lies more than 3218 kilometers from the shore of Chile and Tahita. On the island’s southeast coast, there are nearly a hundred huge, megalithic monuments carved in a stylish manner to resemble male human heads with elongated features. Some 800 additional statues remain in a quarry,or scattered about the island. The statues average about 4meters in height, 1.5 meters in width, and weigh an average of 14tonnes .

These statues are known as ‘moai’ to the islanders, but no one knows who carved them, or what their significance is. Another astonishing thing is how the island came to be populated, and how the isolated island people managed to make, and move the immense moai. The engineering feat of moving moai from the quarry to their sites remains unexplained, particularly since there is no evidence of wheels, or a pulley system through which such massive blocks could be transported.

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