Why is Mount Fuji special to the Japanese?

Mount Fuji holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese.

It is located on Honshu Island, and rises to a height of 3776 meters,
Making it japans’ highest mountain. Mount Fuji is the holiest of Japan’s

‘Three holy mountains’.


                Every summer, thousands of tourists climb to the summit, to witness
The sunrises from there.  A beautifully proportioned volcanic cone in a spectacular
Natural setting, mount Fuji is beloved for its symmetrical beauty as well.
 It is very popular subject in Japanese art, especially in spring, when the snow- covered
 Mountain is framed by pink cherry blossoms.

Star fact :


Mount fuji was formed 600,000 years ago,
In four stages of volcanic activity. It erupted last
 on December 16th  1707. It is still an active volcano.

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