The myth Story about Chocolate hills

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Oooooo.... How,s going guys. Here am back today with interesting post.. about the mystery chocolate hills. 

The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation found in Bohol, in the Philippines. There are around 1776 hills spread on approximately 50 square kilometers. they are actually haycock hills, which are mounds that are conical and almost symmetrical in shape. The mounds are of grass covered limestone, but during the dry season, the grass turns brown in color so that the hills look like a brand of conically shaped chocolates known as 'chocolate kisses' hence the name.

The unusual shape and color of The Chocolate hills have given rise to many legends. The most popular one tells of two rival giants who threw rocks and boulders at each other for days. Exhausted, the giants forgot about their meaningless conflict, became friends, and left the island without cleaning up the mess they made.

Another myth tells the story of Arogo, a young, powerful giant who fell in love with Aloya, a girl. When she died, Arogo shed thousands of tears, and when they dried up, they formed the chocolate Hills.

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