What is the importance of the Suez canal

The Suez Canal is a man-made waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. it is 163 kilometers long, and almost fifty ships travel through it every day.
when Egypt was occupied by the French in the 18th and 19th centuries, a private group called the Suez Canal Company was formed to oversee a canal project. The ideal was not a new one-attempts to build such a canal had been made in Egypt for centuries, but it became a reality only in 19th century.

Work on the canal began on April 25th 1859, but it was not completed until ten years later in November 869. The Suez canal is important because otherwise, if somebody wanted to sail from Europe to Asia, they would have to travel all the way around Africa! Another option was that they would have to undertake a difficult, and long land route. The Suez Canal is important, because it it considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west, due to its geographic location.
This unique position makes the Suez canal of special significance to the world. it has had a dramatic effect on world trade almost from the time it was opened, and even on world politics.

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