10 Ways How to increase Blog traffic

10 Ways to increase Blog Traffic

Here are the 10 steps how to increase blog traffic.
After reading may I here showing some interesting tips to increase your blog traffic.
1. Create unique Content :
Interesting content that can't be found anywhere else is what will keep readers coming back to your site once they get there. If your content isn't unique or compelling, no one will want to visit your blog. Work on writing posts that offer your readers something informative, interesting, or fun that they can't find on other sites.

Write articles that are most useful for readers and viewers. Do not copy your content.

2. Choose a catchy and descriptive title
The title of your blog is one of the first things that readers will see and one of the factors that search engines use to determine what your blog is about. The title of your blog should let readers know right away what your blog is about. It should be easy to remember, not too long, and not too similar to another website's name.

3.Make your site easy to use.
Good design won't save bad content, but bad design can keep readers from looking at your site. Make sure your blog is easy to read and that your most important features are easy to find. Recruit a few friends to check out the site and tell you if they have any problems getting around and reading your posts. Depending on what platform you're using, you may have limited control over the design of your blog, but take the time to learn how to customize what you can and make your site as user friendly as possible.

4.Ask for link exchanges
Seek out blogs and websites that cover the same material you do in your blog and ask if they would like to exchange links. If they accept, they will put links to your blog on their sites and you will put links to their sites on yours. You can also exchange links with friends, but keep in mind that their websites may not have the same focus as your blog and their readers may not be interested in what you're writing about.  Back links helps to increase page rank.

5. Posts and Pages :
Write at least one post daily, so readers get interest in your blog. 

Here are few more tips :
  • use Google webmaster tools
  • Submit sitemap to Google
  • Comment in other Blogs
  • Use Social Accounts
  • Ping your Site
  • Get free Back links
Rathnavath Ravinaik

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