Last movies of Bruce lee and Brandon lee

Brandon lee and Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee remains the greatest icon of martials arts cinema, and a key figure of modern popular culture. The influence of Asian martials arts cinema today can be traced to this son of a Chinese immigrant in the USA.
Thought he studied philosophy, his first love was the martial art of Kung Fum and he opende a Kung Fu school. Bruce Lee’s first movies were only moderately successful, but he struck box office gold with ‘Fists of Fury’ a low budget film shot in Thailand. Soom he had a huge fan followein not onlu in Hong Kong but in the USA as well. His last movie was Enter The Dragon’,but he died a month before its premiers,on july 20th 1973.
       His son, Brandon Lee also died an early death before completing his last film, ‘The Crow’. He was fatally shot by a stunt gun. Both the deaths created a lot of rumours since they both occurred  unexpectedly, and to this day, conspiracy theories exist about the way father and son met their end.

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