Driverless Cars are came! A Test Drive of the Most Advanced Driverless Cars

          First time in the world without the use of an driver, cars are discovered. These cars are run by the electricity. These cars are run by the use of electricity. In these cars up to 2 members can sit. These cars are using in the London at the North side of an district city "Miten Keens". These cars are using at special roads and the top speed of these cars are 12 Miles/hour. These cars are turned left and right by the using of 'sensors'. After two years mean in 2015 these cars are fully specialized and tested after the Britain will release 100 automated cars to drive on the road.

      The Britain government want to give the special package to these cars of 1.5 Billion Pounds (14.88 crores  In Indian currency ).  These cars are mainly used to control the pollution and traffic. For the main safety of the roads these cars are prepared. These cars can be decrease the accidents on roads.

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