How is digital photography different from film photography?

In a film camera, points of light are detected, and each point is recorded by a grain of chemical material on a film that is light-sensitive. The film can be processed in a lab, and turned into negatives, prints, or transparencies. The resulting image can be put in a book, framed and put on your desk, or just kept in a box.

In a digital camera, there is no film. Points of light called pixels are detected using an array of light- sensors known as photo-detectors. Each point represents color and intensity. The collection of pixel forms an image that is saved to some kind of electronic media like a flash card, magnetic disc, or optical disc. the resulting file can be read by imaging software on a computer, and the image can then printed.

To sum up, film cameras use rolls of film that have to be developed. Digital cameras use memory to store the images, and can be uploaded to your computer or iPod, so that you can see the picture directly.

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