That some animals can walk on water?

There is a group of insects that is actually able to walk on the surface of water by making use of its surface tension. Known variously as pond skaters, skimmers, water strider and water bugs, these insects belong tho a group known as the Heteroptera, or true bugs. Small and slender, they live on the surface of areas of still water, such as ponds and dams, where they feed on insects. The skaters use their short front legs for grabbing prey, the central pair of legs for rowning while the long slender legs right at the back are reserved for steering. The legs and the underside of the insect's body are covered in fine, water-repellent hairs. It is mainly thanks to the structure of these hairs-together with the insects' low body weight that the pond skaters don't sink below the water's surface. 

       Pond skaters are able to move rapidly across the water's surface, reaching speeds of 1.5m/sec. They can also jump to heights of 300 to 400mm.

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