The dirt stimulate the immune system?

Parents faced with a muddy spectacle like this can feel comforted by the knowledge that at least playing in the dirt helps bolster their offspring's immune system.

       In the first years of life, the human immune system has to be exercised through contact with  germs in the environment. This is how it learns to tolerate harmless microbes and develop immunity to those that might cause dangerous infections. A relatively germ-free environment means that the immune system does not develop to the full. This is why children who live in cities suffer from more  allergies than those who grow up on farms. Dust and dirt contain bacteria, fungi and cell particles that stimulate the immune system. But we should not forget that the hygiene measures we take for ganged offer protection against dangerous infections. In the home, especially, a sensible level of hygiene is essential, but there is no real need for disinfectant.


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