What are the contributions of prof. U.R. Rao to Indian space science?

Prof. U.R. Rao began his career in the USA, where he worked both at MIT, and the university of Texas. Prof. Rao returned to India in 1966 as professor at the physical research Laboratory, Ahmadabad. He was responsible for the establishment of satellite technology in India in 1972. The first Indian satellite, Aryabhatta, was launched under his guidance, and his teams went on to design and launch over 18 satellites.

Prof. Rao took charge as the Chairman, space Commission and secretary, Department of Space in 1984, He played a key role in the development of rocket, and the PSLV launch vehicle. Prof. Rao gave impetus to the development of the geostationary launch vehicle GSLV and the development of cryogenic technology in 1991.

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