What is the role of the ISRO satellite centre at Bangalore?

The ISRO satellite center at Bangalore is known as the ISAC. It plays an important role in developing satellite technology and in the implementation of satellite systems for scientific, technological, and application missions.

from a modest beginning in the industrial sheds of Peenya, Bangalore, ISAC was shifted to its present main campus at HAL Airport Road, in the 1980s.

The center is divided into different areas including mechanical systems area, digital and communications area, integration and power area, and controls and mission area. The reliability and components area, and the programme planning and evaluation group provide relevant support to the center. The ISAC has an impressive track record of designing and developing more than 50 satellites of various types in the fields of scientific, communication and remote sensing.

The ISAC celebrated its 40 years of fruitful existence on 11th may 2012. it was on 10th May 1972 that the agreement between India and the erstwhile USSR was signed to build the first Indian satellite 'Aryabhata' which heralded the satellite activities in the country.

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