When can a person be called intelligent?

          What makes human intelligence so special is our ability to use insight and thought to tackle new tasks and to find our way around in new situations. Depending on the extent to which this ability is greater or lesser than average, we walk about different levels of intelligence. An intelligence quotient, or IQ, of between 90 and 110 is regarded as normal. An IQ of between 70 and 90 indicates learning difficulties, while a score below that level points to mental disability. However, within the overall range of intellectual impairment, even an IQ of between 50 and 70 is still classified as mild. Only when a person's IQ is less than 50 does independent living become virtually impossible. At the other end of the scale, people with an IQ or more than 110 are classified as very intelligent, while those who score 130 or above are regarded as gifted.

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