Which are the safest colors for cars?

As one might expect, the lighter the color of a car, the more visible it is and the lower the accident rate. However, the conclusions of different studies diverge when it comes to detail. In the USA, blue and yellow are considered safest-blue in daylight and fog, yellow at night. Grey proved to be the worst. In Germany, white is considered the safest color, except in snow or white sand, where bright yellow or light orange are preferable.

       Dark green was seen as the worst. If we include silver as a color, the picture changes when it comes to serious accidents. According to a study conducted in New Zealand, the rate of serious accidents for drivers of silver cars is only half that of white car drivers. The results for red, blue, yellow and grey cars were comparable to those for white cars. The cars most prone to having serious accidents were brown, black or green in color.

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