Which was India's first satelite?

Aryabhatta, India's first satellite, was successfully launched into a near- Earth orbit on 19th April 1975, from a USSR cosmodrome. The satellite was assembled near Bangalore, but launched from within the Soviet Union by Russian- made rocket. Most of the components used to build the satellite were imported. Aryabhata weighed 360kilogrammes, and its instruments were designed to explore conditions in the earth's ionosphere, to measure neutrons and gamma rays from the Sun, and to perform investigations in X-ray astronomy.

A ground station was also set up at Sriharikota for command and tracking purposes. The scientific instruments had to be switched off during the fifth day in orbit, but much valuable information had been gathered in the meantime. The satellite , which was named after the ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician, provided our scientists with valuable experience in several aspects of space technology.

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