Why are the eyes of some animals amazing ?

Many animals have adaptations that make their eyes truly amazing. Pigeons can bend their cornea - the transparent, dome- shaped window covering the front of the eye that bends light- and this allows them to bring objects into sharper focus.

The squid can move it lens away, or towards the retina, while diving birds have extra muscles around the lens that squeeze it to give sharper focus.

Butterflies have two sets of eyes, and their compound eyes are among the most complex in the world, for they allow butterflies to see one of the broadest ranges of color available to any animal on the planet.

The snail has evolved a unique pair of eyes that settle at the tips of their eye stalks, located on the head. when sensing any danger, the snail is able to quickly retreat its eyes into a protective shell, keeping them free from injury!

In short, animals have an incredible variety of eyes. The lists is extraordinary, and practically never- ending.

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