Why is Dr. kasturirangan one of the most respected figures in Indian space science?

Dr Kasturirangan
Dr. Kasturirangan started his career in 1971, working at the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmadabad, Later, he became the Director of ISRO satellite center, where he oversaw the activities related to the development of new generation spacecraft, the Indian national satellite, and the Indian remote sensing satellites, as well as scientific satellites.

He played a key role in the success of satellites, Bhaskara I and II and the Indian remote sensing satellite, IRS- 1A.

Under his leadership as Chairman, ISRO, the space programme witnessed several major milestones. Dr. Kasturirangan steered the Indian space programme to greater and greater heights for the nine years that he was the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization, and Secretary to the government of India in the Department of Space.

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