Why is the satish dhavan space center consider to be very important for Indian space research?

The Satish dhawan space center also known as SDSC SHAR, is situated in Sri Harikota in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh.

The letter SHAR stand for "sriharikota range" the range has two launch pads, and is the main launch center of ISRO. Indian space vehicles fly from here as SHAR has the necessary infrastructure for launching satellites into low earth orbit and geostationary transfer orbit. The launch complexes provide complete support for operations. Apart from these, it has facilities for launching sounding rockets meant for studying the earth's atmosphere.

the achievements of the Center include establishment of launch complexes for sounding rockets, SLV- 3, ASLV and PSLV launch complex augmented for GSLV. The space center is named in memory of Prof. Satish Dhawan, former chairman of the Indian space research organization.

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