why was vikram Sarabhai the Ideal person to head India's space programme?

Dr. Vikram sarabhai was the pioneer of space research in India, He was a person who could dream, and transform his dreams into reality. what is more, Dr.Sarabhai taught many others how to dream, and to work towards realizing their dream. This is what made him  the ideal choice to head India's space programme. Of course, his credentials were impeccable too.

He studied in Cambridge at the outbreak of the world War II, he returned to India, and joined the Indians Institute Science at Bangalore, where he took up research in cosmic rays under the supervision of great scientist C.V. Raman. He established many institutes which are of international repute. The Ahmadabad Textiles was the first institution that Sarabhai helped to build. Some of the most well-known institutions established by Dr. Saravbhai are the physical research Laboratory in Ahmadabad, also in Ahmedabad, the Vikram Sarabhai Space center, Thiruvananthapuram, the fast breeder Test Reactor in Kalpakkam, and the Uranium Corporation of India Limited in Jaduguda, Bihar.

His greatest achievements, however,was the establishment of ISRO. Dr. Sarabhai's dialogue with NASA in 1966 resulted in the Satellite Instructional television experiment being launched during July 1975. Under his leadership, ISRO became one of the premier space organizations in the world.

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