Without head an Hen can live 2 years?

      Did you know any body can believe the hen without head. We know that an hen can live without head in only minutes. But in America a city of Colorado a hen can lived without head up to 2 years, this is not a joke or a story it is real.
             A person whose name is "Vol-son" he lived America in a city of Colorado. The Vol-son one day he wants to like to eat chicken. So he went a hen and buyed. He take the hen to the home cutted  the hen's head  and throw down. The hen was cried up to a lot of time. Vol-son was pity by seeing the hen's crying. So he taken the hen into a hospital. The doctors was treated and stopped the beading of blood and arrange the pipes to the hen to into the stomach to send the food and water. The hen was not died the doctor's was  not believing how the hen was live. The doctor's and Vol-son taken to the University and told about the hen to the scientists. The scientists also wonder by seeing it and they told that the hen's bleeding of blood was stopped and the nerves of neck was not cutted totally, so the hen was not died. The scientists and Vol-son decided to put the name for the hen as "MIKE". The Vol-son taken the hen to the home and he adopted. He gives the food and water by the pipes direct to the stomach.

            After some days in the city of Colorado all the people was came to Vol-son home and seeing the hen. They was wondered by seeing the hen. The Vol-son planned to earn money by the people to see the wounder of 'Mike'.By this plan he earn lacks of money from the people by the 'Mike'. He had planned to go other cities in America to earn money. He went to other cities and earn money. He continues this plan up to 2 years.
        After 2 years the mike was unhealthy, Vol-son was unable to identify the problem. A bad news for the Vol-son was the mike was dead. The all the people was pity on it and they feel soo much. And  some people think to earn money like Vol-son. They killed so many hen's all the hen's was died. In this time also in Colorado on every year of May 18th and 19th people will celebrate like a festival with name as "The held -less Chicken".

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