Are fish deaf and dumb?

Fish deaf and dumb
  Fish are anything but dumb. Squirrel fish communicate with clicking sounds, wrasse grunt, guards growl and male drum fish have special muscles around their air bladder which produce a drumming sound when contracted rapidly. Most remarkable of all, when herrings fart it has nothing to do with their digestion, but everything to do with communication. In order to have a conversation they swallow air which they expel through the anal orifice in their gas bladder. In this way the fish can produce notes extending over more than three octaves at frequencies of between 1.7 and 22 kHz. They can hold each note for almost eight seconds.

    Since fish can make such a range of noises, it seems only logical to assume that they can also hear. They do so through their inner ear which is connected to the air bladder by what is known as the Weberian apparatus, which functions as the eardrum in the process of hearing. The Weberain apparatus then transmits the sound to the inner ear-in a similar fashion to the way the auditory ossicles function in mammals.

          Wrasse native to the western Pacific Ocean communicate by making grunting noises.

Rathnavath Ravinaik

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