Do yellow clouds spell approaching danger?

Do yellow clouds spell approaching danger

So guys here am back with more interesting topic.  What makes clouds turn yellow ?

When the clouds turn yellow, the cause is neither gas molecules nor droplets of water, but solid particles floating in the air. These may be either huge clouds of flower pollen blown into the atmosphere by wind, or grains of sand or dust carried by strong winds blowing Rom arid areas which give everything a yellowish tinge. Sand and suit storms can carry up to 100 million tonnes of suspended particles across wide areas. The pollen-impregnated clouds only pose a threat to people with allergies, and the sand or dust is basically harmless to anyone who doesn't suffer from respiratory problems. It is merely a nuisance when it coats cars and garden furniture with fine layers of dust. In some areas it is popularly supposed that yellow clouds herald hail. It is true that thinly distributed grains of sand cloud promote the formation of hailstones, although so far no direct link has been established. Orange skies are also associated with bush fire smoke.

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