Eagles have the best eyesight of all living creatures

 Although an eagle's vision is among the best in the entire animal kingdom, there are Other birds of prey that hunt in daylight such as the falcon, the buzzard and the hawk with eyesight at least as good. All these creatures have very large, elongated eyeballs, which allows plenty of room for the lens and retina. There are many more sensory cells in the retinas of birds of prey than there are in a human eye, and they also more evenly distributed across the retina. This means that these creatures are able to see sharply across a larger proportion of their field of vision. The more tightly the sensory cells are packed in, the sharper the image. In those areas where vision is sharpest, birds of prey have two to eight times more sensory cells per square millimeter than human beings. Overall, they are able to focus on objects faster and over greater distances. Their temporal angular resolution is also much higher, which means that while people perceive 25 images per second as a sequence of fluid movement, birds of prey can still recognize 150 images per second as individual images. They are even able to see ultraviolet light, which means that they can follow the unrine trail of a mouse and can therefore concentrate their attention on an area where they know a hunt promises to be most successful.
                       The bald eagle can even see fish swimming under water.

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