What do we know about India's experiments with cryogenic engines?

what do we know about india's experiment with cryogenic engines?
Cryogenic technology is difficult to develop, and is closely guarded by the five nations who currently have it-USA, Russia, Europe, China and Japan.

        ISRO started developing a cryogenic engine after 1986. In 1991, ISRO entered into a contract with Glavkosmos of Russia for the supply of two cryogenic engines, and the complete transfer of technology for those engines. However, in 1993, Russia backed out of the agreement, and India had o develop the technology on her own.

       After an initial failure, a test flight is now expected to take place in December 2013. Its success will ensure that the country is totally self-reliant in all aspects of launch vehicle technology.
Rathnavath Ravinaik

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