What is a NOTA voting option?

nota voting option
"None of the above" is a proposed voting option in India that would allow voters who support none of the candidates available to them to register an official vote of "none of the above". The Election Commission of India (ECI) told the Supreme Court in 2009 that it wished to offer the voter a none of the above button on voting machines.

What is a nota voting option
            On September 27, 2013, Supreme Court of India pronounced a judgement that citizen's of India have Right to Negative Vote by exercising None of the above (NOTA) option in EVMs and ballot papers. The judgment was passed on a PIL filed by the People's Union for Civil Liberties, an NGO in 2009. Election Commission has implemented this option of "None of the above" voting option in EVM machines in five states polls started from November, 2013. However, it does not mean that if 'NOTA' gets highest votes then election will be conduct again, rather even in that case the candidate who got more votes among all will be treated as elected candidate.

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