Why does tyres always in black colour

Tyres always in black colour
The black color of tyres was originally the result of the production methods employed. Rubber-which is a pale yellow, milky substance obtained from rubber trees-was the raw material first used for the manufacture of tyres, although synthetically produced versions tend to be used these days. In this natural state, latex rubber degree of hardness, elasticity and wear resistance after it has been vulcanized (a process that ties the rubber molecules together) and soot has been added.

 During several brief periods during the 20th century there were passing fads for white tyres, and tyres with a blue tread also appeared on the market for a short time. In both cases, however, the color was only a layer that had been applied to the black rubber, and it tended to come off in parts.

      Only very recently have manufactures been able to replace the soot with a light-colored silicate and to make tyres in any color by the addition of a range of different pigments. However, tyres in novel colors are still quite rare because the silicate process is very expensive. Furthermore, market research indicates that most consumers prefer black tyres because they consider them to be more reliable. Rathnavath Ravinaik

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