Why is the canopy important to a forest?

We know that the canopy is the cover formed by the leafy top branches of the tallest trees in a forest.

Different types of forests have different types of canopies. In a rainforest, where trees grow closely together, the canopy, may be more than 30 meters- or even at times 90 meters- above the ground. it's made up of overlapping branches and leaves to form a closed cover that does not let in any sunlight.

In other types of forests, the trees may be smaller and more widely spaced, allowing a good deal of sunlight to fall on the ground below.

Most of the forest's food is made in the canopy, since it is the layer that receives maximum sunlight, and has the maximum number of green leaves.

Animals living in the canopy play an important role in the forest ecology.
Rathnavath Ravinaik

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