Why is every little bean heard as well as seen?

Why is every little bean heard as well as seen
Pulses such as beans, peas and lentils are notorious for producing gas in the intestinal tract. Like the fiber in cereals, they contain a particularly large proportion of indigestible carbohydrates, or oligo saccharides. Because the enzymes in the gastric juices and the small intestine are unable to split them into smaller sugar molecules that the body can use, they pass unaltered into the large intestine where specialized bacteria are waiting to break them down into methane and carbon dioxide.

Small amounts of gas in the intestine usually escape through the mucous membranes and leave the body silently via the lungs. Larger amounts, however, expand and bubble in the bowel before they find their way out either through the mouth or through the anus-usually accompanied by an odor.

Artificial sweeteners can also cause flatulence if they are taken in very large quantities. After all, the reason they have the advantage over fattening sugar is that they are not digested. This can mean that gas builds up in the intestine if we eat too many sugar-free sweets.

Current research shows that beans and other legumes lose most of their indigestible fiber if they are fermented for long enough-at least two days-before eating. It is claimed eating. It is claimed that fermentation even improves the flavor.

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