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Pick up a brightly colored silk scarf at its two opposite corners and thread it through the space beneath the top bar of a folding chair. Then bring the ends of the silk scarf together and pull them both towards and apart. The center of the silk scarf seemingly melts through the wooden bar.

Then repeat the effect a second time. Ask a spectator to hold up a solid. Hula Hoop while you warp the silk scarf pulled towards you, seems to melt through the solid ring.

Materials Needed :

  • One 18- inch- square colored silk scarf
  • A length of strong black thread
  • A wooden folding chair
  • A solid Hula Hoop
  • A table
Presentation 1

Lay out the silk scarf on the table. Tie one end of the thread to a corner of the silk scarf, and the other end to the corner diagonally opposite it it.

Presentation 2

thread the silk scarf through the space below the top bar of the chair. Note that the thumb of the left hand is on top of the thread at corner B, while the thumb and fingers of the right hand are under the thread at corner A.

Now, bring your two hands together above the top of the chair. At this point, hook the thumb of your left hand under the thread at point A. The remaining fingers of your left hand should be holding the corner of the silk.

Now comes the crtical movement. Release corner B of the Silk scarf and move your hands rapidly apart. The thread will quickly wrap the corner of the silk scarf around the chair bar and bring it back into your left hand

The action is so quick that it appears that the silk scarf melted right through the bar. Practice these movements many times until they work smoothly and there is no hesitation on your part. When mastered, this is a completely convincing illusion.

To vary the presentation, first pass the silk through the bar of the chair two or three times. Then request a spectator to assist you  for a final test of the Penetrating Silk. Have him first examine a large hula hoop, and then instruct him to hold it up perpendicular to the floor about waist high. Then thread the silk through the hoop and bring the ends together, as you did before, to secure the thread with your right thumb

Now, instruct him, on the count of three, to pull the hoop towards himself. At that moment, release the end of the silk held in your right hand and spread your hands apart; this will cause the end of the silk scarf to fly around the inside of the hoop and come back to your right hand. This is the same action that you used in making the silk scarf penetrate the chair bar.

At this point, thank the spectator for his help and acknowledge the applause from the audience.

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