How did the city of Ancient Rome come into existence ?

Ancient Rome history

Ancient Rome was a civilization that grew out of the city- state of Rome, founded on the Italian peninsula around 800 B.C. Rome was built on seven hills, near a crossing place of the River Tiber. Since the area was very fertile, a tribe of people known as the Latins settled here. They were herders and farmers who lived in a group of small villages on the hills. The River Tiber provided an important means of transport and communication, and these settlements flourished.

Later, another tribe called the Etruscan s arrived in Italy. The Etruscan s arrived in Italy. The Etruscan s organised their towns into city states, each ruled by a king. The city states worked together in a league the Etruscan s League. The league began to trade with people along the people in the east and people along the African coastline. Their trade routes included the tiny village of Rome on the Tiber River.

Even in very early times, Rome was a busy place. The early Romans who were the Latins learned a great deal from the Etruscan traders. In time, the Etruscan s came to dominate Rome, and the city of Rome grew more powerful. Soon, Rome was a center of trade and commerce in the ancient world.

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