what are the features of the toothed whales and baleen whales?

features of toothed whales and baleen whales

Whales are commonly seen in the frigid seas of the Arctic. You must have seen pictures of whales or movies about them, and you will agree that they are most impressive. There are actually two types of whales- the toothed whales and the baleen whales, both of which are found in the Arctic Circle.

Toothed whales have teeth in their upper teeth in their upper and lower jaws with which they seize their prey. They feed on all manner of marine animals including squid and fish, as well as mammals. Whales must come up to the surface of the water to get air. The air is breathed in and out through their nostril or 'blowhole'. which is on their back. Toothed whales have only one blowhole. Sometimes, a whale will swim up to the surface of the water and quickly blow air out of its blowhole, making a fountain of watery mist, called a 'blow'. Toothed whales come in all sizes. The smallest are the dolphines and porpoises which are between six and ten feet in length, while the largest is the sperm whale, which can be up to sixty feet long.
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