what causes the aurora borealis that seen in the North Pole

Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis, which can be seen in the North Pole. They are a stunning display of moving lights that appear like giant series of curtains hanging and waving in the sky. They could stretch from horizon to horizon, and shift through various soft greenish, bluish colors. Do you know that they are caused by two things, the intense activity of the Sun, and the Earth's magnetic fields ?

The Sun emits a constant stream of charged particles, known as the solar wind. As these particles race towards Earth, most of them are turned aside by the Earth's magnetic field, and go around the planet. However, some particles do leak into the Earth's upper atmosphere, where they collide with atoms of air to produce the colorful displays known as the "Northern Lights ".

The same phenomenon occurs in the Antarctic Region, where it is known as the aurora austalis or Southern Lights. The display of light takes many shapes, such as arcs, bands, coronas, curtains and rays, which move about with remarkable speed and beauty.

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