what is the famous legend about the origin of Rome ?

what is the famous legend about the origin of Rome ?

According to ancient legend, Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. Their mother was a princess and their father was the war god Mars. Their mother lover her boys dearly, but there were plots afoot by other gods and goddesses to harm her father, herself, her husband, and her children.
 To protect  the boys, she set them adrift on the river, hoping someone would find them. Sure enought, they were first found by a she-wolf who sheltered and fed them. Later, a shepherd and fed them. Later, a shepherd took them in his care, and the twin boys grew up strong and healthy.

As the twins grew older, they decided they did not want to spend their lives as shepherds they wanted to be kings. So the Roman civilsiatino decided to build a city on the shores of the Tiber. The problem was that they both wanted to be the sole ruler. This led to a huge quarrel, and in a fit of rage, Romulus picked up a rock, killed his brother, and made himself king- and that is how Roma Started.

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