why is Greenland the only landmass to have a truly polar cilmate ?

Greenland landmass

Polar climates are found only in regions where it is freezing all the year round, and Greenland is the only landmass to have a truly polar climate. However, this does not mean that weather conditions are the same along the almost 2735 kilometer- long island. It means that by definition, the whole of Greenland remains within polar climatic limits, where average monthly temperatures do not exceed 50*F.

Greenland is a large island surrounded by the ocean. Inland temperatures remain at the sub zero level throughout the year, and it never rains here, only snows. In the coastal regions, the land generally thaws in spring and summer, and there may even be a little rain.
Compared to the rest of the Arctic, Greenland is not a very windy place. There can be many totally calm days - but, at the same time, there are areas of the country that rank as some of the most windswept in the Northern hemisphere. So, the climate of Greenland can be summed up as being dry, windy, and very, very cold indeed !
Rathnavath Ravinaik

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