why it is said that Arctic and the Antarctic have many features in Common ?

Antarctic and Arctic features in Common
Though the Arctic and the Antarctic lie on opposite ends of the globe, they have some features in common. To begin with, both are very, very cold indeed. The ice caps that cover them are left over from an Ice Age that covered parts of the Earth a million years ago.

Mirages are another feature that have in common. Because of the tilt of the Earth, sunlight passes through the cold air at a slant. This bending of the rays of light causes fantastic mirages in both the Antarctic and Arctic regions.

Halos of light around both the Sun and the Moon can be seen anywhere, but they are most commonly viewed in both the polar regions. Halos, sundogs, and moon dogs can be seen both in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Sundogs are the bright areas on the sides of the halos surrounding the Sun, while moondogs are the bright spots seen on halos that surround the Moon.

Many other wondrous phenomenon of light can be seen in both the Arctic and Antarctic, including the magical aurora borealis or Northern Lights, and the aurora australis or Southern Lights.

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