How can we explain the geography of Antarctica?

 geography of Antarctica
Antarctica is a heaven on Earth for those who love ice. 90% of the world's ice is found in Antarctica-24 million cubic kilometers of it. It has an average thickness of 2.1 kilometers to 5 kilometers. if the ice of Antarctica were to be divided up,every human being would get a chunk, the size of the Great Pyramid. Antarctica is a continent of rock and ice. It is somewhat bigger than Australia. 

The ice covers the landmass of bare rock, and extends beyond it. The extent of the icy extension varies depends on the season. Only about one percent of the land ever becomes free of ice.

Antarctica covers only 5-7% of the Earth's surface, yet it contains 70% of its freshwater. There are many fresh water lakes below the surface of the ice- the water remains in liquid state at 0 degrees Celsius.

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