what kind of plants are found in the tundra?

plants found in tundra

During the short- growing season in the summer, the tundra blooms with a variety of low- growing plants. In spite of the extremely inhospitable conditions of the tundra,  there are as many as 1700 different plant species here. The tundra plants consist mostly of mosses, grasses, lichens, sedges and shrubs. About 400 types of flowers bloom in the growing season, which lasts just for 50-60 days. Close to the timber line, there are carpets of yellowish lichen on which caribou graze.

Cranberries and blueberries can also sometimes be seen in the hollows that are protected from the weather. Except for a few birches in the lower altitudes, no trees grow in the tundra. Because of the permafrost, trees cannot send their roots into the ground. In some parts of the tundra, willows do grow, but they are only about seven and a half cm high.

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