which are the different sheep and deer found in the Arctic ?

Dall sheep in arctic

The icy landscape of the Arctic is also home to different species of sheep and deer. The siberian snow sheep and the Dall snow sheep are to found in rocky areas of the Arctic. Dall sheep have magnificent curling horns that take up to eight years to reach their full size. The horns are made of keratin, which is the same subtance that your fingernails are made up of. They are able to survive in the cold because they have hollow hair that insulates their body.

Caribou are members of the deer family. their thick fur coats too have deer family. Their thick fur coats too have hollow hairs that help to keep them warm. They move acorss the Arctic in large herds. Caribou eat moss, lichens and green plants. The arctic moose is a very large deer with antlers that can weigh up to 31 kg, and a very thick fur coat that keeps it warm even in the iciest weather. 

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