which are the dolphins usually seen in the Arctic ?

what are the dolphins usually seen in the arctic

If you go the Arctic, you are likely to see different species of dolphins like the white beaked dolphin, the white sided dolphin, the short beaked dolphin, and the bottle nosed dolphin. The white- beaked dolphin is one of the larger dolphins, and is characterized by its short thick creamy- white beak and curved dorsal fin. The white sided dolphin is distinguished by a white to pale yellow patch found behind the dorsal fin of the dolphin on each side.

Short - beaked common dolphins are small dolphins that can be identified by their distinct grey and yellow coloration and patterns. Bottle-nose dolphins have a long, beak like snout, a sickle shaped dorsal fin, and sharp teeth.

Dolphins and porpoises often swim at the surface with a wave like movement. It is easy to observe them because they are very social creatures that swim in groups. They are very curious by nature too, and will often approach boats to investigate what's going on !

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