which are the flowering and non-flowering plants in Antarctica?

Antarctic Plants

Non Flowering plants outnumber the flowering plants in Antarctica. The most successful group of plants are the bryophytes - the mosses and the liverworts. These are non flowering plants. They produce not seeds, but millions of microscopically small spores. At least a few spores land in places which favor life. Spores do have a drawback. Unlike seeds, they don't come with their own food supply to help germination.

Around 100 species of moss and 30 species of liverwort are found in Antarctica. They lack true roots. They attach themselves to the ground with root like threads called rhizoids. This helps them to live in places that are beyond the reach of flowering plants. Silver moss and Antarctic leafy liverwort are native to Antarctica.
Only tow flowering plants have taken root in Antarctica. They are the Antarctic Hair grass and the Cushion Pearlmort. Both grow on the peninsula. Unity is their strength. Wherever the soil is deep enough for their roots, they grow in numbers.

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