Which are the research stations in Antarcitca?

Research station in Antarcitca

Scientists live and learn in the ice stations or research stations of Antarctica. Ice stations are research stations. Around 2500 international scientists, researchers and support staff live temporarily in various research station of Antarctica. They live in three main ice stations- the Amundsen- Scott South Polar station at the geographical South Pole, the McMurdo station on the southern tip of Ross Islands, just north of the Antarctic Circle.

Even minor changes in the pollution and temperature levels of the Earth as a whole, are reflected in Antarctica. So, a number of automatic weather stations dot Antarctica. They supply data to the Antarctic Meteorological Research station. Meteorologists study the Antarctic weather. Biologists study the plants and animals of Antarctica. Geologists keep their eyes glued to the movements of packs and glaciers.

Antarctica is the only continent which has more scientists than students! (Lol)

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