which are the small mammals found in the Arctic?

small mammals in arctic

When we think of Arctic wildlife, bats are probably the last thing that comes to mind- but big brown bats are one of the small mammals seen in the Arctic. They survive the winter by living deep in the crevices of rocks. The arctic shrew is another small mammal found here. It lives in moist grassy areas near lakes, swamps and ditches as well as marshes, dry fields and mixed grasses next to ditches. Arctic shrews move quickly, and have periods of inactivity when they lie on the ground on one side with their body rolled up and their head tucked under their body. They eat larch sawflies, grasshoppers, insect larvae, pupae and aquatic insects.

The arctic hare looks a lot difference from the rabbits and hares that you see anywhere outside of the Arctic. In the summertime, the arctic hare is brown with black flecks. This helps to camouflage it during the growing season. When the weather starts to change, the arctic hare starts to change color too. By winter, its coat is completely white, making it difficult to spot among st the snow and ice.

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